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A Week in the Life
By Rebecca May (Wolfsong)

Before I get started, let me introduce myself. My name is Rebecca May, and I am fifteen years old. Iíve been homeschooled since the third grade. Loved it then, still loving it now. For high school I am taking a correspondence course from American School. Not the most exciting course to be taking, but it works. They send me high school courses for me to do as quickly (or slowly) as I see fit. So hypothetically I could be done with high school in a year. *grin* So now that you know who I am, letís get on to the important part.

Monday, February 7th, to Sunday, February13th

When I started writing this I realized that there was no way I could write a description of each individual day and still keep the article small enough to be manageable, so what I have done is give an example of a typical day for me, then write down any highlights of the days that I can remember.

Itís 8:07 in the morning. My alarm goes off. I hit the snooze button. I have become very adept at hitting the snooze button in my sleep. Ten minutes later it goes off again. A little more awake this time, I hit the snooze button. Ten minutes later it goes off again. Since it is now 8:27, I really must get up. Every morning (okay, almost every morning), my dear friend Allison and I go for a two mile walk at 9:00 AM, no matter what the weather, so I actually have to be out of bed before noon.
I hit the snooze button again.
And so goes the morning ritual. I get up ten minutes before I have to meet Allison and frantically try to get ready so I wonít be late. I am, needless to say, not a morning person. After our walk, I come home. Amazingly enough, my mother was not on the computer, which means I had anywhere from ten to twenty minutes before she came downstairs and kicked me off. I would cheerfully spend all day on the computer if Mom would let me. Unfortunately, there is the tiny issue of housecleaning, occasionally helping my ten year old sister Caroline watch my three year old sister Susannah, and that bothersome schoolwork.
First thing I did when Mom kicked me off the computer was go into my bedroom to do schoolwork. Iíve been concentrating on US History lately since I was only three exams away from being done with the course. What my mother would like for me to get done in a week includes all the American School stuff, a classic novel (Iím going to start reading Les Miserables) some math (HATE IT), and the subject that drives me up the wall the most, Latin. The only good thing about the Latin Mom wants me to do is the book of Latin insults she got for me. But then again, how can you not like a language that sounds so good when youíre saying "Vin Iam Faciam, Ut Stultividum Esse Tu Te Fateare?" ("Shall I force you to admit yourself that you have all the foresight of a fathead?" -- Plautus, Miles Gloriosus.) She also likes me to do the things that I do every day for fun anyway. I write a lot on several novels that I have in progress (look out Stephen King, here I come), I draw, manage my e-mail lists (I have two that I run), and also do a lot of webpage designing.
Now, on to more important and amusing things.

Monday means Dance. ĎDanceí is Norwegian folkdancing classes that start for Caroline at 5:00 PM. My class starts an hour later. Dance can be really fun. Class this week though, we did the same dance for an hour, which was not fun. Heck, that Latin Mom wants me to do would have been more fun to do than that dance class! Of course, at the very end of the class we did my all-time favorite dance, which almost makes up for the incredibly boring hour.....almost, but not quite.
I also finished my third to last history exam. Two more to go before I finish the course!

Tuesday Mom asked me to create a webpage for E.K.H.O. I happily agreed. I love coding webpages, even though I am an amateur at coding in HTML. I had no idea that Mom could possibly be so picky about a background! We spent an hour looking for a background, and didnít find one she liked. Actually, thatís not totally true. We did find one she liked, but it was a bordered background, and at that point I didnít know how to code for bordered backgrounds. Would Mom accept an "I donít know how"? NO! "Then figure it out," she says. Well forget it. We can work on it more tomorrow.

Not a lot happened Wednesday except for more drab American School work, fighting with Mom over who gets the computer (isnít it funny how moms always win those battles?), and, of course, working on that infuriating webpage. I think I may have convinced her to use a solid background. One can only hope ....

Oooh boy. I felt like such a fool on Thursday. Now I can code bordered backgrounds. I discovered, while I was looking at graphics for my webpage, a tutorial that tells you how to code using a bordered background. And the coding wasnít even that hard! Mom got a kick out of that one. *sigh* Now, more than ever, sheís utterly convinced that sheís always right. So now the webpage is up (with a bordered background). Check it out if youíre online at and admire my handiwork. *smile*

Nothing extraordinary happened on Friday. I did start a book I got from the library called Jupiterís Travels by Ted Simon. Itís a non-fiction book about a guy (Ted Simon) who travels around the world on his motorcycle. I love motorcycles. I read about this book in a motorcycle magazine, and I thought I had to read it. So far itís pretty good.
Oh, and by the way, my first motorcycle will be a Suzuki, the GZ250, which only costs $2949. Sure, it may not sound cool like the Harley-Davidson softail Night Train, or the Honda Goldwing, but itís a great small, lightweight cruiser for beginners. And donít listen to my mother when she skeptically comments that I only have $60 in my bank account. Hey, anythingís possible, right?

Saturday and Sunday
Ahhh, the weekend. No more tedious schoolwork until Monday, when the whole cycle will start all over again. I can safely say that nothing worth writing about happened. And I mean that most sincerely. But itís only a month until I can get my driverís permit, which means Iíll soon be able to get my license, then watch out ....
So for now Iíll go back to the worthy pastime of looking at Ben Affleck and Matt Damon websites ....

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