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About E.K.H.O.


BulletE.K.H.O., Eclectic Kitsap Homeschoolers' Organization, is an inclusive group providing homeschool support and encouragement to a diverse, eclectic group of families seeking to educate their children at home.

BulletE.K.H.O. seeks to preserve each family's individuality and welcomes the contributions and support that each family offers from its own unique perspective.

BulletE.K.H.O. does not endorse any one philosophy of life, religion or education, but hopes to provide an environment that is open, warm and welcoming to all.


BulletEKHO offers a discussion-based meeting on the fourth Monday of each month.

BulletA newsletter (yearly subscription fee of $6.00) with local activities, articles, and other information of interest to the area's homeschoolers.

BulletMember driven activities and field trips.

BulletNo yearly membership fee or requirements for membership other than an understanding and appreciation of the mission statement.

For more information about E.K.H.O., its meeting locations, newsletter, and activities, please contact me using the 'Mail' button below.


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